We help companies succeed in capital markets over time

How do we measure success? Fair valuation and reduced cost of capital. Stronger and more supportive investor base. Increased value creation.

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The Capient Flywheel

Succeeding in the capital markets requires continuous effort over time. It’s like setting a flywheel in motion and keeping it running smoothly by removing friction and applying force at the right time and place.

The Capient Flywheel consists of three key elements. The right information with the right numbers in the right context, enabling competent investors to put a fair valuation on your company. The right investors, with the right risk profile, mandate, and funds available for just your company and your capital needs. And lastly, structures to secure strategic alignment between all stakeholders to minimise friction and add value.

The Capient Flywheel. With value capture at the centre, Right info, Right investors and Strategic alignment around
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Better capital markets for a better future

Capient is a capital markets advisory and professional services firm based in Oslo, Norway. By combining leading IP, seasoned capital markets professionals, and data and software solutions, we support listed and private growth companies in the Nordics and Europe as well as in North and South America. Our key performance measure is our clients’ ability to access capital in a timely manner and at fair cost, to the benefit of the companies and their investors as well as the integrity of the marketplace and society at large.

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publicly listed and private growth companies supported since 2005


IPOs, equity, debt and M&A transactions supported since inception in 2005

€ 70 billion

combined enterprise value of the companies Capient currently supports


people working at the companies Capient currently supports

Stock exchanges

Helping companies listed on Euronext, Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange and other market places

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Work with us

Reach out via +47 400 02 855 or contact@capientco.com if you want to work or partner with us.

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